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Multipurpose Mirror inspection Solar Aluminum LED Light

Multipurpose Mirror inspection Solar Aluminum LED Light
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Item ID GSL-S060
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Case Weight 8.00
Box L x W x H 12x4x4
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UPC 609728940607
 Product Information  

Multipurpose Mirror inspection Solar Aluminum LED Light

  • The flexibility of the multipurpose inspection light allows for wide range of uses. Many times when a leak has occurred in a place that is hard to see in, the damage amount is very high because it went unnoticed for so long.

  • The multipurpose solar powered inspection light will help greatly in hard to see areas of boat engines, car engines, plumbing, and more.

  • This little device is made of durable aluminum and will come in handy for anyone that needs to check dark, out of sight areas and is perfect for:

  • Security and law enforcement officers to check under automobiles

  • Mechanics and technicians to check tight spaces in engines, ac units, computers, hot water heaters and more Plumbers for hot water heaters and pipes

  • Diabetics that have trouble checking their feet for cuts Boat owners checking their bilges

  • Since the Multipurpose mirror light is solar powered it doesn’t cost you anything to charge so if you forget to buy batteries no one will care as long as you remember to leave the inspection mirror in the sun to charge.
    Features include:
  • • Illuminates hard to see obstructed areas
  • • Ideas to inspect hard to see areas of the body.
  • • Great Idea for diabetics and any people with limited mobility to inspect the bottom of their feet for cuts or bruises great for doctors and medical office too.
  • • 8-hours charge in direct sunlight will provide light for 3 hours usage 16-hours* charge=4hours light *full capacity
  • • Shelf life off: keeps 75% capacity after 12 months storage
  • • Long life 100,000 hour LED
  • • Superb efficiency solar panels. The Solar panel output is 40mAh@2.0V, 0.08W
  • • Nickel metal hydride rechargeable 1 x 2/3 AA Ni-MH ,1.2V 400mAh
  • • Dimensions
  • • Body: (Length*DIA): 3.5" x 0.94" (90 mm x 24 mm)
  • • Tube: (Length*DIA): 7.87" x 0.20" (200 mm x 5 mm)
  • • Mirror: (Length*Height): 2.75" x 1.97" (70 mm x 50 mm)
  • • (4) Lumen Single LED Light Embedded in Mirror
  • • Weight: 3.35 oz (95g)
  • • Retail package on the product available in Black color only.
  • • MSRP $64.99